Rome 羅馬
Rome 羅馬



The city of Rome has a history of more than 2500 years. It is a treasure house of art and cultural city. Ancient Rome arena, is also known in the world. In Rome, from the special high-level activities to a funky little things and taste everything, as early as Europe is most likely to get a nice and cheap things. Also has spread to the old saying, all roads lead to Rome said.The head line design, horizontal and vertical distribution, will all roads lead to Rome show the meaning. Line pull out of the grid design is like the ancient castle on the door of the rivet, the history of the ancient city of Rome to show a long history. One by one package to fully reflect the contribution of Rome to the world language. Tough lines like Military fortitude, integrity. The Roman kind of steady, long, unyielding, self-motivated, go all out to, Ganpin and fashion culture dripping show. Is a love of history, respect for civilization and do not lose the love of fashion and integrity of the products.